Some Questions on Children and the Use of Technology Answered

Is technology good for our children?

Technology covers so much and a one off answer may not suffice this question. Technology covers the use of devices and gadgets, social media and even digital assistants among other things. There are some things many parents feel are negative as relates to the use of technological devices by children. Some complain that technology has made their children lazy as they do very little that needs exertion; also some children are becoming obese as they sit and play games on video or computer most of the times and have not developed their social skills. As much as these may be true, technology can make children more creative as they use the various gadgets and applications to solve problems; they get work done quickly and efficiently and even adjust the gadgets to do better as they continuously ‘discover’ with the continued use of technology. It is a fact that the world we are moving into is smart and technologically run. This means that the child will be prepared for the future relevance if they know and get used to the use of technology. This will make them to not only fit in the new world order of things but also earn a living as most future careers are technology based creating global citizens. So, yes, technology is good for the children, but the parent must take charge to protect and guide them in the use.

How safe is the Social Media for my Child?

There is so much the children can learn through the social media. It is worth noting that the social media is more useful to the adults or older children as a way of connecting and sharing experiences. This may help with the social skills and networking. However, as with anything that has benefits, danger lurks in social media when used by children. There are many cases of cyber bullying on social media. A number of cases have been reported some with grave and fatal consequences. Also, children have been initiated into cults and ‘popular’ movements which have really affected their relations with other people not in their ‘circle’. Some of these groups have acted as avenues for recruitment into dubious and dangerous groups with others slowly but surely radicalizing them with an aim of making them do things like robots on command. Some communication with evil people on the social media platforms have made some children lose self-esteem and trust in humanity. These dangers make it imperative for parents to think twice before enabling and allowing their children to join social media. It would even be wiser if the parents counsel the children should they decide to let them join social media. This will help them anticipate some things and be psychologically prepared for whatever may come their way. Above all, parents must constantly monitor what it is that the children are exposing themselves to in the social media. This way, they will be in a position to intervene and help them before anything evil happens.

How Can I as a Parent Make my Child’s use of Technology Worthwhile?

As parents, we can make our children’s experience of technology worthwhile. First, we should buy age appropriate gadgets for them. Some ages may just need gadgets for games and nothing much. Exposing them to gadgets, that are ‘beyond’ them in use and content generation may be more distractive than useful to them. We must set rules and regulations on the use of the technological gadgets. This may be a way of enabling them balance their time well and at the end be well rounded individuals in the society. Above all, no single or group of gadgets can replace the parent and play his role. You must remain the parent the child desires and respects.

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Check out for the Sunfriend

Sunfriend is a device that wants you to get just enough Vitamin D from the sun, that is to say, not so much that burns you.  Your skin is delicate to sunfriend as it is to you.  More so to the women, many of the burns may not be pleasing to your skins at all.  The consumer electronic industry has gone a notch higher to bring to us the UVA+B SunFriend wearable device.  It is a very simple device who’s sole and purpose is to measure your sunlight intake, particularly measure the exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It works in such a way that you are able to turn it on and set your sun sensitivity accordingly.  Then the light-emitting diode (LED) which is its main feature will flash when it recognizes that you have had enough Vitamin D, which has known benefits to the human body such as contribution to lower blood pressure and a less risk for heart diseases.  It is simple to use and anytime you realize that the dial fills up with indicators, then you can be sure that you are starting to have a sunburn.

The Washington, D.C.-based company first displayed its wares at the Eureka Park startup section during the 2015 International CES, Which then proved to be the biggest tech trade show in Las Vegas.  Without being so loud the company launched this product quietly specifically on its website and on a few months ago.  That may be the reason why most of the individuals have not flocked to it.  Only few understand how it operates. However, there is no need to worry because it will be in Best Buy stores soon.

Generally, most of the individuals are notalways awarethat they are burning as stipulated by Karin Edgett, the cofounder of SunFriend, during aninterview, which he had with VentureBeat.  “If you are not wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen, you could be at risk for burning” he says.  Therefore, most individuals develop sunburn even without them realizing.  Remember the skin is very sensitive and can get really bad when exposed to too much sun.  “A recent paper showed that if people get justenough Vitamin D, they could knock $129 billion off the annual health care costs in the U.S.,” Edgett said.  “That’s a lot of costs.”  Edgett, who is a former advertising and creative hero, and Said Aslam, who is a NASA scientist, started the company that produces this product in 2011 with an aim of to combating the epidemic of skin cancer, which statistics have shown to be affecting one in five people in the U.S.  With one shot, their idea won first place during the NASA Tech Briefs “Design the Future Contest” for consumer products category as well as the “most popular” vote.

In addition, the wearable is waterproof adding to it more advantage.  The waterproof wearable has an installed UV sensor, which is able to take a reading from an individual’s environmentafter every few seconds.  It can be used in all places.  Talkabout the beach or outdoors at pools or the interesting golf courses.  SunFriend recommends only that you get a healthy amount of sun.  When it is enough, it alerts you and you can choose to cover up properly, to go indoors, or to use a “safe and organic” broad-spectrum sunscreen that helps to avoid overexposure to the sunlight, which could lead to severe skin damage.

Even as you use the Sunfriend device, remember vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a big problem.  Scientists have discovered that when the sunlight touches the skin, nitric oxide, a powerful blood pressure lowering compound, is released into your bloodstream.

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When Your Kid’s Coming Off during the Night: The best way to Spy on their Mobile Phone

Among the most stress inducing minutes in almost any parent’s existence is when they recognize their kid is coming away from home at nighttime. Teens and pre-teens might do this for various grounds. Whether their goals are harmless (they might be ending up in a buddy or a family member) or something more sinister (they’re a part of a criminal organization or performing drugs), coming away from home is definitely something all parents must take into account and you’ve got an actual reason to spy.

It’s all-too simple for disaster to hit when your kid’s away from home at the center of the night. Between predators, intoxicated drivers, gangs, and more, your town at nighttime may be hazardous area. And you also do’t understand what your kid’s around.

Fortunately, there’s an answer. When you understand your kid’s coming away from home, you do’t need to lay awake at night looking forward to them to return home. You need reassurance. Fortunately, understanding how to spy on cell phone texts free of any worry is simple.

The Strength of Cell Phone Spy Software

That’s where cell phone tracking software is useful. A unobtrusive, technically innovative alternative, cell phone tracking applications guarantees which you can maintain a watch in your kids wherever they can be at any moment.

The most useful part about cell phone tracking applications is it can pinpoint the precise GPS location of your kid’s phone at just about any moment and enables you to spy cell phone texting free. And when your kid is like every-other teen, they’ll constantly have their mobile phone on their man. It does’t issue how significantly overseas your kid is. You’ll have the ability to inconspicuously monitor them actually from kilometers aside.

With cell phone tracking applications, you are able to see almost every-thing your child does on their phone out of your individual apparatus actually when you do’t bodily have your kid’s phone in your control. Installing the software is fast and easy also and is a stress free mobile phone text message spy. In several cases, you do’t need certainly to already have use of the phone. The applications may be installed on your own kid’s phone slightly and subtly without your kid actually understanding you installed the app.

It’s possible for you to notice every text and every picture provided for and from your kid’s phone. Sociable press info may be seen in a instant. It’s a straightforward, powerful instrument. You’ll understand who your kid’s conversing with and what your kid’s as many as at each and every minute. You may also trigger your kid’s cam at any given instant to notice where they can be. Between viewing their GPS place and utilizing your kid’s cam, you’ll experience a precise appear at every-thing your kid’s as many as.

Using Actions

Knowing your kid is coming away at night and you have evidence, it’s significant to act just as you could.

Do’t hesitate to face your kid, particularly when they’re included with illegal actions. You often notice fit to floor your kid or eliminate their do or for now till they’ve realized their training. If they’re purchasing drugs or a part of a gang, get authorities concerned and consider sending your kid into a psychologist or rehabilitation team, according to the naturel in their task.

A worried parent needs to be the best parent. While your child might re-sent you to take actions, it’s because of their very own great and it’s your employment to help them observe that.

If you’re worried about the sway your kid’s buddies are wearing them, make sure you talk with their parents, if at all achievable. Keep in touch with your kid’s college to observe what additional actions you are able to t-AKE.

Cell phone tracking technology often means the dissimilarity between risk-free, happy kid and a kid who finishes up lifeless, in jail, or dropped.


Situations Where Hero Seeks Public Record Information Search May Help

If you’d been married before, gotten separated and today desire to re-marry again, you will require to obtain your marriage and breakup records to demonstrate that you will be qualified to re-marry. After a marriage annulment, you will find specific privileges that all the impacted is titled to and the simply method would be to demonstrate which they were married together. This can not be completed without evidence of a married relationship document.

Perhaps you’d like to sur-prise anybody you like with a sur-prise anniversary present but unsure when they married. Occasionally you might require to be certain about the connection status of your spouse. You may indeed discover they may be married or separated but they never informed you. Whatever the motive is, you will require to feel the community relationship records to people-search free and obtain such advice. The investigations are personal s O you do’t require to be concerned about them understanding you ran the investigation because they wo’t. Wedding and breakup records are more or less accessible for anybody to observe. In case you are family or friend who does like to locate wedding/breakup records of some body otherwise like regarding an anniversary mentioned previously, you will end up needed to understand the courtroom place that enabled the wedding to occur.

You should understand that many couples do’t get wedded where they reside s O be really sure you’ve got the correct advice. Otherwise, may very well maybe not get what you happen to be seeking. From your records, it is possible to see all information accessible that particular relationship document. In the event you are interested in having a duplicate, maybe you are requested to spend some payment to have it delivered it to you personally. In terms of locating such advice, there are lots of on-line community document lookup motors you are able to utilize some that are free though some might desire one to pay particularly if you desire more details. Because of this, you really ca’t only move utilizing any lookup motor you locate without heading right on through it first. Move through it nicely; observe what they provide to additionally prevent wasting moment.

Whatever your reasons are for locating wedding/divorce records, community report searches, legal back-ground search free, certainly are an excellent spot to begin from. Whilst you achieve this, ensure the information supplied is held secret. You should at no point propagate any advice actually if you found it entirely from a community investigation. Another reason a community investigation may use is when you need to try to find arrival details of a particular individual. Consider me there are folks away there which do’t understand their date of birth due to some unfortunate situation. As an example, a kid that is found left somewhere and obtained to some create residence might perhaps not understand their actual day of delivery. For this kind of man, do-ing a public document might just answer their query. The benefit of community investigations is that they’re maybe not complex at all when you’ve got the right info in your hands. It’s going to t-AKE you moments to locate delivery records of anybody. All that’s necessary is their complete titles and the outcomes will be supplied when you strike the search option.

There have become less odds of maybe not obtaining wedding/divorce and delivery records utilizing Hero Investigations community investigations if you don’t make a blunder in your investigation. Each and every evening some body somewhere is utilizing these systems to grasp specific info about some body which indicates they are reliable and powerful alternatives. S O before you attempt elsewhere, attempt the Hero Seeks community document hunt or Hero Cell Telephone research reverse mobile phone amount search to observe if you’re able to locate what you happen to be seeking.

16-GB Words Camera Review

Sound surveillance is among the most significant segments of spygear and safety methods. The unit offer the person the ability to track conversations and other things that may be occurring. There is an assortment of conditions by which the unit might be required, like office nuisance situations, cases of divorce, as well as custody fights. When these scenarios are happening, it is needed to get sound downloads to demonstrate a particular aspect of a narrative.

The 16-GB Words Camera functions a wifi mic, 3 flexible quality options, and is effective at saving up to 6 times of constant sound. The wifi mike h-AS a variety of up to 300-feet in the record apparatus. As it pertains period to get an audiorecording, this 16-voice camera h-AS verified to be among the finest accessible for various grounds.

Added to the Recorder

This 16 Gigabyte Camera comes with every-thing which is required to work it and begin saving sound. Including with all the Camera are:

In-Depth Coaching Manual

The Words Recorder

Wifi Microphone

A-C 5v Power Adapter

MicroUSB Cable

Place of Ear Buds for Playing Records

Coaching Manual

Advantages of the Words Recorder

Documenting Space

There are several master’s to this unique words camera. The truth the mic is wifi and can report sound from up to 300-feet a way offers the camera the skill to remain unobtrusive when they have been saving. Alternatively of having a cable connecting the mic to the camera, the wi fi relationship enables there to be a wifi record.

Make Different from Recorder

The mic is different from your words camera that retains the storage signifies that if such a thing were to occur to the mic, the sound recordings might nevertheless be undamaged! That produces that among the greatest methods to run sound surveillance.

16-GB of Memory

This can be an enormous quantity of storage for a words camera. It enables an individual to report up to 6 total times of documented storage, compared to considerably less on additional recorders. This can be advantageous because it enables the mic to be put into an area and left alone, and may report the necessary sound whenever the microphone is stimulated. That is incredibly beneficial for those that are’t precisely certain when a dialogue may possibly happen, as well as for surveillance wants are having to put the mic in a special area for a protracted time period.

Compatibility with Apple Macintosh and Windows

The record apparatus can also be suitable for Apple Macintosh and Windows (as much as Windows 8). This empowers consumers of many different interfaces and that are utilizing various sorts of equipment in order to efficiently utilize these devices relative to their pc, whether it operates Windows or an iOS.

Flexibility as a Recorder

This recorder may be used honestly to document in classes or in company options, but additionally it is successful as a camera for surveillance procedures, where it may be used underneath clothes and held solution.

Words Service Technology

The words initial skills with this words camera empower an individual to maybe not must be concerned about a group of worthless moment of moments where nothing had been stated. The words service engineering is stimulated by some one talking, s O that’s when the camera may be cued to begin saving. This leaves the individual in order to give attention to the important components of the sound, perhaps not only an never-ending stream of record where nothing is occurring.

Serenity of Mind in the Digital Age

Residing in now’s planet, there are many triggers and triggers of stress for someone to take care of. There’s the rising and falling of the stock market, the discussion over another leader, not to mention – predators as well as house intruders. Dwelling these days demands caution for the people that are expecting to remain secure from those who find themselves on the hunt.

Folks are questioning, above all, the best way to remain secure from him or her who would like to benefit from folks. There really are a undoubtedly means to train individuals to keep them educated about techniques to remain secure and from harm’s method. Clearly folks should be sealing their doors, not going out alone during the night, rather than speaking to strangers. But will there be more people can perform to keep their families safe.

Surveillance Equipment for a Peace of Mind

Install the Required Gear

Depending on someone’s special requirements, there can be many different devices and gizmos they can invest in that might assist them remain risk-free. Several home-owners are’t conscious that there’s spy gear which is frequently employed by home-owners to protect themselves from hazards and risk.

What Gear is Needed for a Peacefulness of Mind

Understanding what gear, including cams, audio surveillance, or GPS tracking applications, is required for some one to slumber at night may change according to their unique wants or situation. The stress that there may possibly be some one away there planning a robber just isn’t some thing anybody needs to cope with, but it’s a fact sometimes. The greatest way to remain in addition to the protection of a house is with the right spy digicam. But to achieve that it’s needed to assess what risks are on the market.

The best way to Evaluate the Threat

No one needs to stay in anxiety, but you’ll find wholesome hazards to evaluate when determining which spy equipment is most crucial for a property. You will find variables to evaluate, for example, speed of offense within a particular area, the regions of a dwelling that are many exposed, and if your phone or pc must be monitored also.

Spy Equipment for Security and Protection

After the threat are assessed, it ought to be simpler to discover what devices may be useful in When selecting the apparatus to install for a house, there are s O several choices to pick from. From wifi cameras to alarm-systems and additional surveillance equipment, there are lots of options to pick from in terms of the appropriate gear to supply safety and protection.

Track a Telephone Number or Computer

An excellent way for parents or companies to remain along with what their kids or employees are do-ing with their cellphones and notebook computers is by using monitoring software that enables the one responsible to safely and firmly track action on another apparatus. It will help them stay stress-free knowing there is nothing heading on which they would’t agree of.

Surveillance equipment offers some body peacefulness of brain by letting them obtain information that might ordinarily be out-of-reach in their opinion. It enables them to observe points they’d’t usually have the capacity to notice, and notice issues they’d’t usually have the ability to notice. Surveillance and spy gear can assist those that need assist staying risk-free and protected from the dangers of the external planet. They might perhaps not have the ability to prevent the risks from being around, nevertheless, they are able to do every-thing inside their strength to maintain their family and nearest and dearest risk-free by having the required spy and surveillance equipment installed.

Your Kid’s First Mobile Phone

Nearly every kid has a cell phone nowadays, for improved or for worse. While a cell phone will give your kid a simple method to get a maintain of you, which could be critical in many scenarios that the young kid might end up, simple use of an intelligent phone is’t without some severe drawbacks. As a result of modern tools, kids and adolescents may equally readily get sociable press programs, the Web, and texting solutions with few restrictions.

Before you hands over a phone to your own kid, you must assist your child comprehend the best way to remain secure with their cell phone. You’ll also need to consider a number of significant measures to be able to ensure you may maintain a watch in your kid’s cell phone use. Here’s your skill before your child receives their very first cell phone.

Using Several Precautions

Generally speaking, you’ll need to be sure to just take several easy pre Cautions with regards to letting your kid this privilege.

Many devices have Parent Control options which let you restrict what programs the kid may get, what programs they are able to down load etc. Make sure you make open-handed use of these configurations, which, generally, ca’t be altered with no password. Be sure to compose the password down somewhere your kid ca’t get. Adult Handles may additionally help obstruct your child from creating in-program buys inside games and interpersonal press programs, which may keep your child from accidentally investing hundreds of dollars in actual money on mobile games.

Consider installing a cell phone monitoring service at the same time. Because your kid is young and fresh to utilizing cell phones, it’s significant to have a great handle how they’re employing their phone. As a kid ages and mo-Re liable with their smart-phone use it is possible to veer a way from utilizing things such as Adult Controls and cell phone monitoring providers but stick to them for today. You’ll be happy you did.

A cell phone tracking support maybe not simply supplies agps place of where your kid is but additionally, it may offer you precious info about texts and calls your kid h-AS delivered. It may also provide you information about the programs they’ve employed, images they’ve routed, etc. This way you’ll be able to ensure that the kid is employing their phone sensibly and you understand where they have been at all occasions, which will be particularly important when your child is in middle-school.

Nearing the Dialog

In addition, you should have discussions by means of your child about appropriate smart-phone behaviour. For instance, your kid should’t be utilizing their cell phone at the dinner-table or utilizing it all evening. (Make positive you’re establishing a excellent instance also. If you’re utilizing your cell phone on a regular basis, that shows your child that it’s ok to utilize theirs always also, which is’t the sort of model you need to establish). Your kid should no way use their apparatus in type. Failure to follow this guideline should lead to reduction of cell phone rights for some time you regard suitable.

Generally, your kid also needs to make sure you come for you if they fall upon a text, web site, or c all that they’re unsure about. The Web may be harmful area and with a smart phone it’s not in any way been simpler to fall upon unsavory individuals and web sites on the web.

Utilizing a cell phone may have lots of edges. By way of example, it can provide your kid a convenient means to speak to you if they should request a trip, let you know exactly how their evening went, or for you yourself to permit them know about significant matters heading on. But you should t-AKE several pre-Cautions to ensure that the kid is remaining risk-free regardless of what, including trying to find a free cell phone spy software down-load any phone, or having a strong paid variation which is included with a reduced, onetime price and live consumer support representatives to assist you with setup, and more.

Teenagers And Instagram

Teenagers adore Insta-Gram, it’s a truth. Also grown-ups like it. Insta-gram lets anybody using an amateur curiosity about photography to be a selfmade expert. And as a result of blockers, it is possible to make a regular picture appear spectacular.

“So, just what is InstaGram?

Instagram is an easy to utilize mobile application that enables you to record and modify pictures or movies in your pill pc or wise phone. Then you’re able to reveal your projects on Instagram or additional numerous interpersonal press sites, including Face Book (which is now Insta-Gram’s parent business), Facebook, and Four-Square.

Why utilize InstaGram?

Instagram was developed to guide social support systems, however, as its reputation sky-rocketed, it became a social-network all a unique. Insta-gram customers can follow what additional consumers post, or abandon a “like” or discuss a picture or movie which they discover intriguing. Or, whenever they sense like being mo-Re personal, Insta-Gram customers may need acceptance before additional individuals are permitted to notice their articles, or deliver articles in private to particular additional users with all the ‘Instagram Direct’ attribute.”

So Insta-Gram is nevertheless, at its heart, a sociable press web site. And in more than few ways, it’s more threatening for on line predators than Face Book and Twitter because it’s picture-centered. Yes, it is possible to post pictures to Face Book and Facebook. But Insta-Gram h-AS its origins in picture taking, and when you’re a parent of a tween or an adolescent, Insta-Gram may force you to be be somewhat weird. Why? The selfie era loves to publish pictures of themselves. And some of these pictures might finish up do-ing mo Re injury to the adolescent than great.

Adolescents, of course, do’t need to reveal every thing with their parents. Actually, it can be asserted which they do’t need reveal such a thing with their parents. That sense of freedom is intoxicating for many teens. And having a key internet goes way beyond what teenagers a generation ago had. When teenagers from previous decades needed to maintain strategies, they may possibly write-in a journal. Talk on a LAN point in their own cupboard in a reduced voice. Create a want on a sheet of paper and bury it. You get the idea.

There was’t the “prompt” of now – immediate entry, immediate gratification, immediate impact.

A cell phone monitoring applications like Highster Mobile may aid command a teenager’s need because of this immediate pleasure while utilizing Insta-Gram. State, by way of example, your teen child is using selfies of herself around the shore in her fresh swimsuit. Seems innocent, however she directs the snapshot to Face Book. Her photo gets discussed, opinions (bad and the good), rather than actually five moments after, her Face Book and Insta-Gram balances are coming up with arbitrary comments from random folks, perhaps producing her sense terrible. As a parent, it’s difficult to observe your move through almost any community ridicule.

It might seem sensational, but ridicule often leads to intimidation which often leads to destruction.

Spy cell phone tracking is a contemporary manner to parent and intercede before a tween or teen falls the wrong trail of devastation. By monitoring a teenager’s cell phone, the parent h-AS entry to her or his Instagram accounts as well as additional sociable press websites, her texting, her pictures, her movies, her c all logs, her e-mails, as well as her GPS place.

Help Your Teen Become a Safer Driver with Cellular Telephone Tracking

You will find teenagers that believe it’s easy to manage a car and deliver texts on their phone in once. Sadly, you will find teenagers that try it and enter deadly mishaps. Several do’t understand all it requires will be to look down at their mobile phone to get another for a collision that occurs. Teenagers should be encouraged to place their apparatus a way till the achieve their location to put it to use. Cell phone monitoring may have the ability to keep your child safe when they’re driving, if they understand their apparatus will be monitored or not. Below are a few pointers to consider when considering an answer to support teenagers to spend more attention to the route rather of the cellphones.

Understand When They Utilize their Mobile Phone

Tracking mobile phone action of your child is simple when you’ve got quality applications to count on. Such applications allows you to know when the phone is used and how your kid is using it. It’s possible for you to understand when they utilize their mobile phone actually when they should’t utilize it. Parents may get notifications of when the phone is used and how. What this means is when it’s bed-time and they utilize their apparatus for whatever cause the parent may be advised. Parents discover when calls are produced or when texting are obtained. Tellings provide info of when the phone’s place adjustments or when the browser is used. From here the parent may select which thing to do next; meaning, sometimes the parent decides to step up and face the adolescent about their mobile phone task.

Limitation or Prevent Articles That May Be Disturbing

Restricting and preventing articles another major activity parents may have manage of. They are able to do it by buying a cell phone spy program. Handsets may be used to obtain advice teenagers should’t have inside their control. You will find web sites offering mature articles, social media websites with strangers preying on harmless youth, as well as web sites or e-mail communications with hyperlinks including malicious software or trojans. Parents may select to restrict or block use of specific subject matter and contemplate placing restrictions on content obtained all through college hrs if their teenager takes their apparatus to college. Parents also can understand place of where the youngster attempts to obtain such information for potential reference.

Use GPS Tracking to Ensure They Achieve Their Destination

Teenagers like to move areas when they’re maybe not in college. Additionally, there are teenagers that do’t enjoy college and select to cut it as an alternative or perform hooky. Cell phone spy monitoring allows parents understand the precise place of the kid. There are applications choices that let pictures be shot with the objective phone. This signifies parents can in fact see where their teenager is found utilizing the objective phone’s cam. Irrespective of understanding their place parents may discover immediately when the youngster reaches their destination. Because teenagers may lay about where they promise to be heading it may be beneficial to have technologies let you know where they’ve been in genuine moment. Irrespective of studying their place through tellings parents may appear at a chart of where the goal phone is found.

Enable Them To Know They Can Be Being Tracked

It’s possible for you to appear in to spy on cell phone for free however, the free software tend not to provide precisely the same powerful features as the applications you can buy. Parents in many cases are encouraged to talk about the notion of phone monitoring with their teenager. But, some parents might have their own factors for monitoring subtly and select to not reveal the applications. It aids if parents leastwise discuss possible mobile phone risks and anxieties with their teenager. Adolescents could possibly listen and be mo-Re cautious about how they utilize their apparatus.


The social Impact of Advancing Technologies

The wonders of rapidly changing trends in technology can be so inspiring as to destruct us from analysis of the social impact. This does not necessarily imply only focusing on the negatives but rather intent to sought of stop for a while and savor the moment. It is important that we do not get lost in the exponential breakthroughs made in technology – including 3D printing, biotechnology, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics – to the extent of failing to conduct an assessment on the impact of the same on the environment, health, education and the general public.

Pandora’s Box
The proliferation of new trends in technology has opened opportunities to be exploited by business leaders and entrepreneurs everywhere. However, a closer look reveals the capacity of emerging technologies to not only spur commercial growth but also affect the greater good of mankind and change lives. It is also incumbent upon consumers of emerging technologies to address the ethical and moral aspects surrounding them. All of this is intended to fine tune interactions with this new technologies to allow seamless exploitation of the same.

Greater Responsibility
The jury might still be out on who opined to the effect that “with great power comes great responsibility”. This does not however negate the great responsibility that has to be shouldered by stakeholders and consumers of the technologies. It is imperative that business leaders leverage the power of technology and harness it towards improving human welfare beyond the boundaries of the office floor. The beauty of it all is that commercial ambitions and business interest need not necessarily be sacrificed on the altar of social impact. In reality, those who have been able to employ invention and technology in fostering significant positive social change have ended up creating business opportunities.

The result has been to shift social responsibility beyond the purview of Personal Relations executives to a key strategy around which business standards are set, products developed and new markets explored.

Discussions on Climate Change
With the entire world fraternity reaping the fruits of technological advancements, it is only natural that we save some time to coalesce around the climate change agenda. Businesses, governments, religious groups and civil society all have to join hands in addressing the challenges paused by climate change – tackling issues such as reducing carbon emissions and tilting towards increased use of green energy.

Social Good is Business Investment
Every company dreams of widening their markets especially by venturing into developing economies and rural areas. The catch, however, is that more often than not such markets are grappling with challenges such as poverty, poor health and educational infrastructure among others. These challenges may prove daunting to a business looking for short time benefits. To the visionary business leaders, all it takes is an investment in advanced technologies to alleviate the challenges faced by such communities in order to unravel the great commercial opportunities available.

Mission and Purpose
The refocusing of attentions on social impact initiatives has ensured that it is no longer business as usual in as far as Human Resource functions are concerned. Credit also goes to the tech savvy generation Y generation (millennials) who not only form the bulk of the consumer base but are the heart of campaigns championing cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as leaders in HR. Additionally research on CSR and the resulting social impact suggests that it has gone a long way in shaping branding and product perception. Such efforts have been proven to appeal to millennials and as such go a long way in endearing them to companies that support environmental and social issues. This is obviously a win win for such companies. From the foregoing it goes without saying that the exploration of emerging cheap technologies has capacity to yield both business and social gains.